"MEMBERS ONLY P.V." Embroidered Letterman Jacket. 

Porter Victoria / Stewart & Strauss Collection

This collaboration with Stewart & Strauss has been long overdue. As a former collegiate and professional athlete. The Stewart & Strauss brand had pretty much become the standard for all team lettermen's. From their all-around stitching to the very fine detail and comfort, it doesn't get much better. Since 1977 Stewart & Strauss has trademarked its self as the Original American style for individuals, teams, and clubs. We at Porter Victoria are very excited to be partnered with such an elite brand. We hope you enjoy the collection. 


Artistic-Director, Justin Black 

  • This collection features two Top-quality wool letterman jackets. Lightweight nylon lining with an inside pocket and company insignia. 

"MEMBERS ONLY P.V." Letterman Jacket