Why We Need Music...

Updated: Feb 20

By: Justin Black 

As I walked out of the Kimpton Hotel on a chilly Tuesday morning. The sky above gloomy with a purple haze as heavy as April 21, 2016. Drake "Closer To My Dreams" playing in my headphones, eyes closed hoping to wake up from what had to be a dream. I couldn’t help but feel the burden of what seemed like constant pain.

What is the status of the world?

It just seems hard right now. 

The loss of Kobe, GiGi, Nipsey, Juiceworld, Morrison and many more. The coronavirus taking over china, with death tolls rising. 

Record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought fuelling a series of massive bushfires across Australia killing wildlife animals and human casualties. 

The president of the united states constantly in question on whether or not he has the countries best interest at heart, while also amid impeachment protocols. 

Where do we live?

With these being just some of the things that plague the world today. It's becoming increasingly hard to act as if things are not starting to take a toll 

Tragedy,” says Aristotle, “is an imitation [mimēsis] of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude…through pity and fear effecting the proper purgation [catharsis] of these emotions.” Ambiguous means may be employed, Aristotle maintains in contrast to Plato, to a virtuous and purifying end.

But when will things end? 

Music is defined as vocal or instrumental sounds combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. 

Right now we need this beauty, Right now we need this emotion,

and right now...We need music! 

Sunday night Grammys host Alicia Keys, kicked off the ceremony at the Staples Center with a musical tribute to Kobe Bryant. Keys began singing a line from the Boys II Men song "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday." Moments later, she was joined by the band itself. This was inspiring in so many ways and seemed to just fit the bill of grievance. 

Philly native Meek Mill and L.A.'s Roddy Rich also performed “Letter to Nipsey,” which features the two artists eulogizing their lost comrade.

Just as President Obama heart warmed the nation singing "Amazing Grace" while delivering a eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, S.C.

No matter how we feel we can never fight music, that feeling inside that releases whatever demons are blinding us. 

It's the artist's job to help us grieve and forget pain if not but for just a moment. 

As we wait for artists such as Drake, Miguel, Meek, Beyonce, Wale and more to address and ease the world's pain.

Let us find love and the need for music.