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Porter Victoria sports club
(corporate wellness) 

Corporate Health & Wellness Services 


Porter Victoria Sports Club is a mission-rich lifestyle brand that focuses on helping individuals create and maintain healthy lifestyles and overall wellbeing through the promotion of athletics and exercise. 


We believe there are four main benefits of establishing a culture of fitness in your company:


Lowers Healthcare Costs

Lifestyle choices, whether they are improper nutrition, too little exercise, or smoking, cost American businesses more than one trillion dollars in lost productivity each year.

Creates Less Stress

Exercise exhilarates and relaxes, counters depression, and dissipates stress.

Encourages Better Work Performance

Increases employee engagement and confidence, creating an atmosphere of teamwork that spills over into the community and reflects well on your whole organization.

Fosters Teamwork

Help build a company culture of cooperation that can pay off in increased loyalty and the overall goodwill that employees feel toward their employer. 


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