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Love, P.V. 

Porter Victoria Store!


this & That

pop-up shop Dates  


1.Paris, France 3/25

2.New York City 4/5

3.miami, fl  4/12

4.Honolulu, HI TBD

5.Beijing, China TBD



"Porter victoria dreamer" rug

size 9ft x 12ft 

 us $3,000



Directors Note:


"Be you...

Freely, fearlessly and courageously, 

let everyone around you do all the adjusting "


 -Love P.V. 

This collection of images represents "Part VII" of our mood board series curated by our creative team. It features vibrant, energetic and inspiring works from artists, brands, and people including photography by Ueli, art by Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Tupac, Kim K, Porter Victoria, Nipsey Hussle, Ye, East Africa, Dom C., Brenden Bazilio and the director himself. Here at Porter, we try to expose you to as much as possible, give you inspiration, beautiful aesthetic and access to things that represent freedom, growth, and creativity. We exist for the dreamer, the hurt, the emotional, the lost, the found and the free. Implementing a vast variety of fashion, style, art, decor & more. With that smooth, comfortable and vintage Porter Victoria feel. 



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-Porter Victoria Music & Art Festival (July 2021 - Headliner & Location to be announced during summer 2020.) 






Porter V. Library 

Books worth your attention!!!

A collection of novels we think are worth a read that includes a memoir from former First Lady Michelle Obama,  a long time classic from Paulo Coelho. Educated by Tara Westover; a memoir of when the daughter of a survivalist leaves home for university.

The 29th book in the Prey series, Lucas Davenport goes after a serial killer & The Mueller Report Redacted findings from the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and potential obstruction of justice by the president.


*You can purchase all these books right here with us by sending email to portervictoriallc@gmail.com. All books are $30 express shipping and come with a small gift from us. 




What's in the


"Something for the whip, the road trip, that summertime drive with bae or just for the hell of it, here's the vibe" 


On the left, the "Brown Sugar"

Is converting neo-soul from the '90s through now. A playlist that explores the earthy side of R&B. Smooth but with a little grit, with equal nods to hip-hop and classic soul, this is the music that keeps the sound going...the heartbeat underneath.



Toronto singer Abel Tesfaye, who seems to be the entire group, has a striking high tenor: at points on “House Of Balloons/Glass Table Girls,” he sounds like Michael Jackson yelping into an intercom in a Propofol haze. It can all be disturbingly raw, even when — especially when — Weeknd overplay the tales of the tragic high life — check the plea “Bring the drugs, baby/I can bring my pain,” on the killing, blue-black “Wicked Games.” The wormy hooks and earnest falsettos suggest the possibility of ginormous hits if Weeknd were to clean things up a bit, both lyrically and sonically. But let’s hope that doesn’t happen too soon. (The production team was reportedly led by progressive Toronto hip-hop producers Martin “Doc” Mckinney and Illangelo.)



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(Interior Design)

Is something that we love to explore, marvel & envision. The way someone designs their "space" home, office, store, etc. 

says something!

It brings out the character, emotion & sometimes the journey of the one it claims. 

Heres a look at some beautiful spaces that we appreciate. 

Porter Victoria is dedicated to a mission statement that’s main goal is to redefine American style, fashion & decor. Bringing love, energy & care back into the fashion/design industry. 


We strive to make our stores & websites places of comfort, that provide a tremendous amount of beautiful content that is seen as "limitless opportunity". 


We hope to continue to push the envelope & provide one-of-a-kind vintage pieces & exquisite gifts for all our new & most loyal customers the same. 




Thank you. 

Porter V.